If you have received an email inviting you to Zorpia.com this weekend, seemingly from us, it is not sent from us willingly. There must be some bugs in the site and this has caused a mass invitation to be sent out to all of the contacts of Rebolt, even banks and telephone companies! We apologize, but it’s not our fault!

One thought on “Zorpia

  1. hmmm… there are people who actually gets irritated with getting invites from a social networking site… i don’t think that it is a bug from the site… once you sign up with any social networking sites, you actually pass through a page which allows you to invite your friends from your e-mail contacts, you may have done that… we at zorpia apologizes for the inconvenience it may have caused you, but don’t you think it’s quite fair to say it’s not Zorpia’s fault too?

    :)) peace…just a thought…

    we love your music, by the way!


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