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I'm the singer in Rebolt and do most of the work when it comes to PR and the web. I also write most of the lyrics and contribute to the songwriting, as much as a vocalist without any instrumental skills to talk about can do that.

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The Demos

We figured we should re-release the collection of the demos we did back in 2004 and 2005 (named “You Should See Us Rock” and “War Against Cool”), then by the name of “Powerage“, more as a separate thing – to point out that these were demos. Plus an instrumental track that guitarist Bård made once. The sound is quite “thin” and the vocal lines not that thought through at that point (first time in the studio for most of us!), but the songs themselves are pretty much something we´re proud of and many of them we still play live.


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Rebolt, hva faen er det? Jo – gammaldags rock’n’roll! Slikt som ikke var kult i det hele tatt da vi startet i 2004 og debuterte på Intim Intern på Kroa i Bø (da som Powerage) og vant for “Beste show” (en pris vi også vant året etter). Musikken kan du høre her, laste ned via linkene i spilleren eller til og med finne igjen i både Spotify og Wimp:


Comeback! It’s official!

It’s official: We’re playing our first gig in over two years at the very same place we debuted back in 2004, at Kroa i Bø as support for the wonderful band Hopalong Knut! The date: September 30th. We’re working on the possibility of another gig the day after in Notodden. And there’s a big possibility that we will be playing in Trondheim in October…!

Fun fact: Vocalist Frode works at the same office as vocalist Kristin in Hopalong Knut in Trondheim! What’s the odds for that?! 🙂



So, we’re thinking about a comeback…! Some shows this summer and then, well maybe, the album after that. We’ll be doing it because we want to, not because we have to. Luckily. 🙂
More later.

An update

Some of you may know that I’ve (yes, this is Frode writing) moved from Telemark and up to Trondheim, which is the case for Kristian as well(!), due to a new job. This means a new reality for the band and the logistics about being in a band. Especially when we plan to record an album. Unfortunately we haven’t recorded anything yet, and the writing is going slowly too. But this is what you get in this kind of situation.
The good news is that when I was visiting Telemark recently, we came up with a plan for rehearsing and getting the new songs made. So, the album shall be made, but perhaps not within the May 2010 mark. We’ll let you know about this later, especially for those of you who so kindly has pre-bought the album. You’ll get the choice to get your money back or to wait it out some more if we don’t get it made until May. Don’t worry, we haven’t touched your money! 😉
I’ll tell you more later.
For you hardcore fans I’m uploading a couple of songs recorded from rehearsals this summer and back in ’07. The sound quality is bad and they don’t represent Rebolt’s best quality (of course), but you’ll get an insight to life in Rebolt! You can get them by signing up as a fan at Reverbnation – so away you go!