The math of it

Our two releases “Made In Spite EP” (2006) and our promo-cd from 2007 has received a lot of praise and downloads from the users of, a music site that offers free quality music. Check it out:

“Made In Spite” has been given a 9.1 out of 10 rating, 2864 listens, 384 downloads (whole album) and has been starred as a favorite album 43 times (since March 01 2007).
“Promo 2007 has been given a 7.2 rating, 97 listens, 111 downloads (whole album) and starred 15 times (since January 15 2008).

Along with 5005 downloads on, 728 downloads from Uhø, 1390 downloads from NRK Urørt (434 listens), and 6523 plays on Myspace, we can say we have an audience out there! We’are also on several other sites, so the numbers are higher.

Let’s sum up: People around the world has downloaded at least 9000 of our songs + been listening to us at least 10 000 times. And let’s not forget the sale of about 300 cd’s of “Made In Spite” and sales on Itunes. We’re not getting rich, but we are getting heard!

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