On a break

It’s official: Rebolt are taking a break until Kristian’s hearing is better. We will however continue to make music together and Bård, Knut Eirik and myself may even try playing some gigs under another name, mainly doing covers. Just to maintain the musical chemistry and maybe even make some bucks for an album. Because that’s the plan and the goal of the whole Rebolt experience: To make an album.

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One thought on “On a break

  1. Hey how r u? As u can see my last name is Rebolt.I’m from America.U guys got it going on!! Very cool sound. I grew up on all the bands that u guys listen 2. I’m no young kid but those days were very fun,hard 2 remember some times but still very cool days.Just wanted 2 say ad me 2 what ever list there is. I travel a lot and it would b fun 2 fly over and see u live some time. Hope your buds hearing gets better. Good luck and all that.See ya. Jeff

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