Bad news

We have some bad news. As many of you know, Kristian (the drummer) has been having terrible problems with his hearing the last couple of years. This lead the band to a hiatus last August and the band has not been practicing or playing since then. Over the months Kristian has felt better and was getting optimistic towards playing again and lately we’ve been trying to get together again to practice. We haven’t succeded with this because of some scheduling problems. So the overall atmosphere on the band was optimistic.

But this week Kristian visited a couple of experts in Oslo and the feedback was not what we wanted to hear: Kristian may never be able to play the drums again. Just a little too much sound may make him disabled for the rest of his life. This is terrible for the band, but for Kristian it is more than that: Drumming is his life, his passion, his everything. There is no purpose in even trying to understand what he must going through right now. It’s completely and utterly horrific.

As I’ve written before, Kristian is the life and blood in the band and the rest of us don’t know what we’re going to do yet. Will we replace Kristian and try to keep the songs we, and so many others, love alive? We don’t know. It’s not the time to speculate in this. But there will be an answer to it in the near future.

Join me in wishing Kristian the very best and that he hopefully will be able to pick up the sticks once again and rock out like no one else can!

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