Rebolt in Classic Rock Magazine

Rebolt is featured on the cover-cd of Classic Rock Magazine this month with our 2006 song “Bad Boy (For You)”. The cd is put together with artists that is inspired by AC/DC, to coincide with the imminent “Black Ice” release. Other artists on the cd are Saxon, Airbourne, The Donnas, Krokus and the band that inspired “Bad Boy”; Rose Tattoo. This is a great honour for us and a wonderful chance to get the world to experience the no-nonsense rock of Rebolt! 🙂

We encourage you to buy the magazine – in stores now!

This is what Classic Rock writes about us:

“Norwegian band Rebolt are such fans of AC/DC that when they formed in 2004 they orginally called themselves Powerage. Since then they’ve changed their name but kept their commitment to heads-down, no-nonsense rock’n’roll. Their snarly anthem Bad Boy For You says it all, really. Turn it up!

Bonus fun fact: last year, Rebolt’s enduring Lemmy’s Heart appeared on the soundtrack of outstandingly titled Norwegian ski movie Kong Vinter 4: The Lost Hygge. (Sadly, Lemmy does not appear in the film.)”

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