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It went to eleven

We had a really great time and played a terrific gig at club:Larm in Oslo in Friday, impressing both old and new fans, we think. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get to show the big city more of what rock’n’roll is all about in the future. Thanks to all of you who showed up!

All songs for free @ Reverbnation

All songs now available for free at Reverbnation! Several of them for free straight away, the rest if you sign up as a fan. Or you can go to Jamendo and find the songs there, in the highest quality! Please support the band if you like the music so that we can afford to record more music. 🙂

We’re looking/sounding good before our gig at club:Larm in Oslo next Friday – come check us out if you can!

Rebolt @ by:Larm

We’ll be playing our first gig in 2009 at Smuget, Oslo, as a part of the unofficial program (“club:Larm”) of the music festival by:Larm, on Friday, February 20th. First band of the night is at 23.00 and we’ll be hitting the stage at 02.00 AM, performing a set of 7 songs.

See you there!

Here we are at a rehearsal break, January 17th:



Great gig

Our first gig with Magnus on Friday went terrific! It was a real blast to play for fans and potential fans again and we had a really good time. We sold lots of t-shirts and EP-s and we got a lot of positive feedback. We’ll surely try to get some more gis going now, we really need this! Pictures later this week. See ya!

Getting it down

We’ve been rehearsing with newbie Magnus and it’s getting clear that this guy may turn out to be a monster on the drums! We’re only gonna play about seven songs at Kroa i Bø the 21st of November, but those songs will be played with great passions, as always!

In the meantime, become a fan of ours on Facebook and check out Mindgrinder and Fracture which also will be playing that night.

We’re also looking for more gigs to play, so throw us a line if you’re interested.